Chicken Runs 6m x 8m (20ft x 26ft)

The next stage chicken run offers 6m width and a bigger 8m depth. As with all of our poultry runs we can offer three mesh upgrades for that extra protection if needed and no matter which mesh you choose we also offer a welded mesh ground cover made from our ultimate 19g mesh with half inch hole.

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Get a free 2-bay cover when you select any welded mesh upgrade.


Add an extra 2m to the depth and you have a huge 6m x 8m steel chicken run, approx 20ft x 26ft. Full head height (and more) giving 48 sq/m of space, approximately 520 sq/ft.

  • Span 6 m (across door) approx 20ft
  • Depth 8m – approx 26ft
  • Leg Height – 1m
  • Height to peak – 2.6m
  • Fully galvanised 38mm tubular steel framework
  • Tanalised timber door and frame
  • Door 1.8m high x 75cm wide
  • Galvanised hinges and bolt
  • Strong 20gauge hexagonal wire mesh – 1 inch holes ​​​​​​​or select an upgrade above.
  • Mesh ground skirt all round
  • Optional welded mesh ground cover (19g, half inch hole)​​​​​​​.

This amazing 48 square metre chicken run – approximately 520 square foot, is a perfect choice for large flocks of chickens, peacocks, owls, or other animals that need extra space. Animals will experience a high quality of outdoor life in this outdoor enclosure, and you’ll have space to walk around freely to maintain the area, clean out the coop, or simply spend time with your animals.

garden chicken run 6 metre x 8 metre
Shown with no optional part cover
chicken run cover 6 x 8 metres 1 bay
Shown with 1 bay optional part cover
chicken run cover 6 x 8 metres 2 bay
Shown with 2 bay optional part cover
chicken run cover 6 x 8 metres 3 bay
Shown with 3 bay optional part cover

This extra large chicken run is constructed from 38mm galvanised steel tube frame, tanalised timber door frame and door, 20 gauge hexagonal mesh walls and roof or optional welded mesh upgrades. An optional low-maintenance PVC partial cover can be added for times of wet weather. Wherever it is erected, the mesh ground skirt protects the perimeter helps deter foxes or other animals that might want to dig under to prey on your flock, and gives you peace of mind that they are not wandering around in your garden or on public roads.


All of our chicken runs come with full, very detailed assembly instructions. You may want some help from a friend but if you follow the step by step guide that comes with your run, getting your chicken’s new home assembled is easy. You can always contact us on our Freephone number 0800 832 1962, if you have any issues or questions regarding the installation of your new chicken run. The tools you’ll require to assemble your chicken pen are as follows: Cross head screwdrivers, Measuring tape, Wire cutters, Step ladder & Hammer 

If you decide to increase the size of your run, either because you want to extend the room available to your chickens or other pets, or you want to house more poultry or pets, you can extend later by adding a single or multiple, extra 2 metre section. Simply call us to discuss your options.


Our runs will sit on any surface providing it is relatively flat (up to a 1in20 slope should be fine) but different surfaces have different advantages/disadvantages.

A grass or earth surface is probably best for chickens. It allows the ground skirt to be pegged down but there is a possibility of rats tunneling under the frame to get inside. But we do have an optional full ground cover made from our ultimate welded mesh with half inch holes to help prevent this (select this option when adding this product to your Cart). Weed control won’t be an issue because your chickens will likely eat them before they have a chance to surface.

The runs will also sit well on a hard/concrete/tarmac surface which eliminates the worry about tunneling predators but won’t allow the ground skirt to be pegged down.


We have compiled a very handy, beginners guide to keeping chickens, if you need to know the important facts about the care and safety of your feathery friends. The guide covers, breeds of chickens, keeping chickens in your garden and which predators to protect against.

If predators are a problem in your location, we provide optional mesh weights to protect your poultry. We always recommend the most secure option, a heavy gauge 19gm welded mesh, used to cover your chicken pen with an optional ground cover upgrade.

We also recommend part-covering your chicken run for protection from sun and rain. You can buy covers as a separate item or as an optional purchase with your run.


There are so many different uses for our chicken runs, it’s impossible to list them all. The most common use is to provide a safe home for chickens and other poultry but the range of uses is as diverse as your imagination. People are using our pens to house rabbits, as a cat or dog run, as an aviary and even to protect fruit trees.  


When you’re deciding which size run will house the number of chickens you have, a good rule of thumb is to allow 2 square meters per bird. You should also allow for the space taken up by your coop, if the coop is going to be kept inside the run. This 6 metre x 8 metre is suitable for up to 20-25 birds. 

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