The GL001 Coop is in the top echelons of affordable, chicken accommodation.  Designed and built with highest quality materials,

•   154cm (L) x 66cm (D) x 110cm (H)
•   Pull out, galvanised metal tray for easy, thorough cleaning.
•   Ideal for 6 to 8 birds of average size.
•   Manufactured from bird friendly, durable, treated timber
•   Two nest boxes giving four compartments
•   Arrives flat packed with very simple assembly instructions.
•   Adustable, plastic capped feet to prevent rot
•   Lockable front door with ramp


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About the GL001 GardenLife Chicken Coop

Designed and built with highest quality materials, the Coop measures 154cm (w) x 66cm (d) x 110cm (h). This is your opportunity to invest in a desirable residence for your flock to position strategically in your chicken run.  Simple to maintain and clean, this luxury chicken coop will enhance egg production and make your chickens very happy for years.
Tongue and groove shaped panels are both aesthetically pleasing and durable.  You can’t beat the GL001 luxury chicken coop for practicality and impressive appearance.  For safety the best option is to buy a chicken run with this coop but if you want to purchase it separately, it affords robust protection from foxes.
Manufactured from bird friendly, treated wood, the GL001 includes:
•   2 removable perches – crucial for a restful, roosting experience
•   2 nesting boxes with 4 compartments – hens will be so comfortable they’ll lay and lay
Unlike many flat pack products, you won’t need a science degree to construct this coop that holds up to 10 chickens.  The GL001 ‘des res’ arrives in 2 boxes with easy assembly instructions. Ergonomically designed for keeping your flock healthy, comfortable and stress free, the GL001 makes the best use of space, light and ventilation.

Cleaning and hygiene

The galvanised metal tray is easily removed from the back or front of this awesome coop (refer to images).  All areas of the coop are accessible from the roof which opens, allowing you to maintain optimum hygiene within it. Parasites that negatively impact your flock such as red mites, fleas and ticks won’t flourish in the GL001, when you are able to thoroughly clean inside.

Poultry coops and runs

If you’ve just begun to keep chickens, our GL001 coop is an ideal starter home for your flock. It provides sufficient space for 6 average sized birds and more if you prefer the bantam variety. For chicken coop ideas this model takes a lot of beating. It’s affordable, easy to maintain and can be made portable.

Chicken coop ideas

Before you invest in a flock it’s always best to explore chicken coop ideas. Which type or size is most suitable for your birds?  Is a chicken run practical? Which coop will aesthetically be more appealing in your garden?  These are just 3 of the questions you’ll want to answer.

Please contact us for more information on coops, chicken runs and to draw on our experience for chicken coop ideas. 

We recommend that any chicken coop, luxury or otherwise, be enclosed in a run for more protection from predators. For more information regarding the GL001 luxury chicken coop, chicken runs and accessories, contact us. Our advice is free so we would love you to take advantage of it.  Our years of experience have taught us that a happy chicken is a healthy and productive one.

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