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Chicken Rescue: Saving Hens and Educating Owners


At FPC Poultry Rescue, we’re dedicated to rescuing abandoned and unwanted poultry in Lincolnshire and surrounding areas, 24/7.

Saving Hens from Slaughter:

Each year, we rescue thousands of ex-commercial hens from a grim fate. Once they reach 72 weeks old, they’re deemed unproductive by farmers and sent to slaughter for cheap meat products. We offer farmers an alternative: surrendering their hens to us for a happy retirement.

Rise in Unwanted Poultry:

The rising cost of living has led to a surge in abandoned animals. People simply can’t afford to care for their pets, including poultry.

Many backyard breeders hatch chicks for profit, often ending up with a surplus of unwanted male chicks (cockerels). With hatches naturally producing around 60% cockerels, responsible breeding requires careful planning.

It’s heartbreaking to see people abandon their pets. While some might think they’re releasing cockerels to a life of freedom, the reality is far harsher.

Domesticated Chickens Don’t Thrive in the Wild:

These domesticated birds rely on humans for food, water, shelter, and safety. Thrust into the wild, they lack the instincts to survive. They struggle to find food, roost in trees, and become easy prey for predators.

The Trauma of Abandonment:

Many rescued birds are deeply traumatized. They fear humans due to the experience of being dumped, despite likely being tame beforehand. Animals shouldn’t endure such suffering. We at FPC Poultry Rescue are committed to rescuing as many birds as possible and giving them a safe haven.

Join the Fight:

Consider supporting FPC Poultry Rescue in our mission to save these vulnerable animals. Visit our website.