Chicken Coops

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There is a lot of emphasis today on buying ‘free range’ poultry as being the humane and healthier option to take.  But you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t looking for chicken coops to buy online.

These affordable, spacious homes have been designed for the more discerning chicken looking for top of the range accommodation.

Chicken coops for sale

Perhaps you realise that unless you are watching your flock every minute of the day or night, your chickens are vulnerable to predators.  They will be safer in a spacious, secure and well-designed coop with a run.  It’s not cruel to ensure the safety of your flock or to provide them with a home where they are comfortable and stress free.  They will also be more productive and profitable

4 Reasons to buy a GardenLife Chicken Coop

Safety from predators and traffic

Our superior chicken coops for sale with runs are specifically designed to protect your flock from predators. Robust and durable, chicken runs will keep hawks, rats, foxes, owls, cats and snakes at bay.  In addition, secure in their coop with sizeable run, your chickens won’t roam into risky areas. This particularly applies to birds that are kept in towns and suburbs.  We’ve all heard jokes about “why the chicken crossed the road” but you really don’t want your chickens to do that.  If they get hit by a vehicle, you’ve lost them.  They are much better being safe in their home.

Space to roost

At night, it’s essential for chickens to have somewhere safe and familiar to roost.  There is no better place than a coop to preserve their social hierarchy. This is extremely important as chickens can become territorial, resulting in bullying or fights within the flock.  Roosting comfortably allows them to rest and maintain their health.


Chickens are great at adapting to all sorts of climates but it doesn’t mean they are happy doing it. Storms, monsoon like rain, gales, snow and excessive heat or cold cause as much discomfort to chickens as they do to us. Nobody wants to be out in extreme weather conditions. They’ll be happier and healthier in their coop.

Nesting boxes

Many people keep chickens in order to have a ready supply of fresh eggs.  Nesting boxes correctly sized and spaced apart, are crucial for hens when laying their eggs. They also facilitate collection of the eggs with minimal disturbance. There are of course, many other reasons to provide your flock with a coop. We will happily share them with you if you are considering one of our awe inspiring chicken coops to buy online.