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Chicken Runs - Walk-in style

If you are looking for a large steel chicken run for sale, we’re here to help. Many of our chicken runs have been sold to those people who keep peacocks, owls and birds of prey, and our usual mesh upgrade options still include our super strong 19 gauge welded mesh with either a one inch or half inch hole size. We also supply optional part-covers to give shelter for your birds and help keep coops, feeders and drinkers dry. These covers are made from very strong PVC material and secure to the frame with strong elastic bungees for quick removal in strong winds.

Safe and secure, steel frame runs

We are a family run business offering a large selection of steel framed walk in chicken runs. The Garden Life walk in chicken run is made from very strong galvanised 38mm tubular steel with a timber door frame. They are then covered in strong 20-gauge hexagonal chicken wire mesh. (Optional stronger 19-gauge welded mesh upgrades available) with a mesh ground skirt all round to deter tunnelling. They are self-assembly runs designed to allow easy access for you but keep your poultry in one place, as well as offering protection from predators when you can’t be with them.

Gardenlife chicken runs


Many people contact us who are completely new to keeping chickens. We are always happy to offer advice and guidance, so we have now created a “quick guide” for those who are wanting to take the first steps for a new hobby. See our beginners guide to keeping chickens. We get many unusual questions also, so we will try to keep this guide up to date but if any of you seasoned poultry keepers have a suggestion for content, we will be happy to hear from you and add it to our guide.

Ground Protection

We often get asked if we can supply mesh to lay on the ground inside our chicken runs. This is a great idea so we have added the option of a mesh ground cover for all run sizes. No matter which mesh option you chose, our ground cover is made of our ultimate welded mesh with a half inch hole. This is ideal for those people who have problems with rats etc. tunnelling underground and popping up inside their run. When selecting a run, you will find the option of a ground mesh cover along with the usual upgrade options.

Your questions answered

I have 13 years experience selling the best quality steel framed chicken runs available. In that time, I have answered a lot of questions about a range of topics related to keeping chickens and how to house them. We have a page full of the commonly asked questions, which may help you with your buying decisions. 

Save Commercial Hens from Slaughter

Whether you are new to keeping chickens, or looking to increase your flock, please do consider adopting hens which have been kept for egg production and are now due for slaughter.

Fresh Start for Hens is run entirely by volunteers and their aim is to save commercial hens which are due to be slaughtered when their egg production starts to fall. They always have 1000’s of birds wanting new homes and they have collection points all over the country, so have a look at their website If you would like to save some hens then they would be very glad to hear from you.

Each year, we rescue thousands of ex-commercial hens from a grim fate. Once they reach 72 weeks old, they’re deemed unproductive by farmers and sent to slaughter for cheap meat products. We offer farmers an alternative: surrendering their hens to us for a happy retirement. Read more »

Chickens can bring a source of amusement and be a pleasure to keep, as well as having an endless supply of fresh eggs. However, as with keeping any animal, you will have many things to consider making sure that they are safe and in the best possible health. Read more »

There are a few different types of mesh that you can use to keep chickens. The best type of mesh for you will depend on a few factors, such as the size of your chickens, the type of predators you have in your area, and your budget. Read more »