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Chicken Runs UK from Garden Life Ltd

If you are looking for a large steel chicken run for sale, we’re here to help. Many of our chicken runs have been sold to those people who keep peacocks, owls and birds of prey, and our usual mesh upgrade options still include our super strong 19 gauge welded mesh with either a one inch or half inch hole size. We also supply optional part-covers to give shelter for your birds and help keep coops, feeders and drinkers dry. These covers are made from very strong PVC material and secure to the frame with strong elastic bungees for quick removal in strong winds.

Walk In Chicken & Poultry Pens

We are a family run business offering a large selection of steel framed walk in chicken runs. The Garden Life walk in chicken run is made from very strong galvanised 38mm tubular steel with a timber door frame. They are then covered in strong 20 gauge hexagonal chicken wire mesh. (optional stronger 19g welded mesh upgrades available) with a mesh ground skirt all round to deter tunnelling. They are self assembly runs designed to allow easy access for you but keep your poultry in one place, as well as offering protection from predators when you can’t be with them.

Worried about a fox attack?

It is a sad fact that we receive many phone calls from owners after they have suffered a fox attack. Don’t believe anyone who claims to have a 100% fox proof chicken run, but our 19g welded mesh with half-inch hole is probably our safest option at a reasonable cost. Many have been sold to the British Army to house their guard dogs and we have even supplied them to rescue centres for keeping foxes in. We offer FREE delivery to most UK mainland addresses to supply great security for your chickens or whatever pets you have.

Will it ever happen to you?

Two of my most memorable phone calls were, one from an unlucky lady who had made a run with 6ft high steel mesh, only to wake up one morning to discover a fox had climbed up a near-by tree and literally dropped into the run. It couldn’t get out so I’m sure you can imagine the destruction it caused. The second was from a very excited lady who called me from her kitchen. She was standing there looking at a fox in her garden which was sitting looking very pitiful on her lawn just staring at her little ladies strutting around inside her Garden Life Walk in Chicken run. It’s a very satisfying sight to see a Garden Life walk in chicken run and coop, along with our half inch welded mesh offering a very safe environments for your little darlings.

But how many birds can I fit inside?

This is a very common question which we really can’t answer. Everyone has their own thoughts on this and a generally accepted size is 2 square metres per bird, but my usual advice is to mark out an area of ground yourself, then stand back and look at the area to decide yourself how many birds you would put in that space.

We can supply our steel poultry runs with spans (looking at the door) of 2, 3, 4 or 6 metres (6ft, 10ft, 13ft or 20ft) and the depth of the chicken house can be almost any size. DIY assembly is required but I have personally written the step-by-step instructions with tips and pictures right through the process. (no special skills needed) – See our FAQ’s. 15% sale now on.

Not just for chickens

We are surprised at how popular our runs are becoming for uses other than chickens.
Our walk in chicken runs are being used as cat runs, dog cages, rabbit runs, fruit cages, the list is endless.

If you have a different need just simply substitute “walk in chicken run” with “walk in rabbit run” or what ever pets you want to live in one of our runs.  

Have you considered rescuing chickens ?

If you are new to keeping chickens or looking to expand your existing stock, have a look at the great work carried out by the British Hen Welfare Trust, click here for an insight into how you can  give a loving home to ex-battery hens.

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